Steering Angle Kits

Let’s not forget that we also have the drift setup wizard at Panic. Ben has developed steering angle kits for both the NA and NB Mazda Miata as well as the Nissan 240sx.

The #Miata kits consists of cut, modified, and tig-welded stock steering knuckles, Bauer extended ball joints, and custom machined tie rod spacers offering 60 plus degrees of steering angle.

The #240sx kit has two options a street/track kit and a full race kit. The street/track kit offers a huge gain in angle while keeping the street ability on the up and up. The full race angle kit offers 68 plus degrees of useable steering angle with zero Ackerman, also known as “parallel steering.” The full race kit requires the steering rack to be moved in the subframe as well as custom notched control arms that match the modified stock knuckles. The street/track angle kit does not require the rack to be moved or the control arm notch.

For more information, send us a DM via Facebook.

Auto racing is an inherently dangerous sport.  As a voluntary participant in racing, drifting, testing, or track day events who purchases vehicle modification parts from or contracts Panic Motorsports, LLC for fabrication work, parts installation, or pre-arranged racing services, including but not limited to those services listed on our web site, you, your family, and/or beneficiaries cannot hold Panic Motorsports, LLC, its owners, or staff liable for any property damage or bodily injury that may occur in relation to any event.

Panic Motorsports, LLC does not participate in or condone illegal street racing.

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